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Rebuild, Repair and Service All Terrain Shocks | Houston | All-Terrain Shock Solutions


Elevating Your Off-Road Experience

Whether you're seeking to revitalize, fine-tune, upgrade, or repair your shocks, All Terrain Shock Solutions is your trusted partner. Our commitment to quality and expertise in high-performance shocks ensures that your journey is not just a ride but an adventure.

Shock Rebuilds

Unlock the full potential of your vehicle with our comprehensive shock rebuild service. Our expert technicians meticulously disassemble, inspect, and refurbish your shocks using high-quality components, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Experience smoother rides and enhanced control on any terrain with our precision rebuild process.

Rebuild Services Include:

  • Detailed/Documented Inspections Process:
    An inspection sheet is started the moment your shocks are received and follows your shocks throughout the rebuild process detailing all shock specs including valving.  Knowing those valving specs will allow for fine tuning in the future if you choose to pursue that service. 

  • Light External Cleaning and Shock Tagging: A light external cleaning is done for all external shock components prior to disassembly.  An additional cleaning fee may be imposed if shocks are received with excess oil build up or heavy mud on the shock externals.  ***pre-clean your shocks prior to sending them out for rebuild*** 
    Order tags are applied to each shock with the shocks details, service process details and order number.  These tags are only removed when cleaning processes occur and are reapplied after that specific component they're attached to is dried.

  • External Component Inspection:  All external components of the shocks are inspected for wear and damage prior to disassembly.  These components include the shock body itself, the exposed shock shafts, and the shock mount bushings.  Any of these components with excessive ware or damage will need to be replaced and the customer will be contacted regarding additional charges for replacement and any deviation is return time due to replacement parts delivery timelines.
    ***Inspect your exposed shock shafts prior to sending them in for rebuild.  If there are any dings, scratches, or warpage please advise ahead of time so that proper replacement parts can be on hand at the time of the rebuild assuring the rebuild process follows scheduled timelines for return.***

  • Disassembly:  Nitrogen is removed and your shock is disassembled and rebuilt one shock at a time.  Old shock oil is collected and a pic of your old shock oil vs new shock oil is documented.  All components of the shocks externals and internals are laid out in the order they are taken apart so that they are reassembled in the correct order.  Components installed incorrectly could cause severe performance issues, so attention to detail is never missed throughout the process.

  • Seal Removal, Cleaning, and Inspection:  Old seals are removed, all internal components of the shocks are cleaned and inspected for any excessive ware or damage.  All valving shim stacks (compression and rebound) are measured and documented.

  • New Seal Installation and Reassembly:  New seals are coated in a light grease made specifically for shock seals (we do not just rub shock oil on them).  This protects the seals from wear and extends their service life.  The coated seals are then reinstalled and the shock is reassembled in the reverse order it was disassembled.  

  • New Shock Oil and Air Bleed:  New shock oil is added to the shocks per manufacture spec and all air is bled from the shock system. 

  • Nitrogen Overcharge Fill and Leak Testing:  Nitrogen levels for most shocks are manufacture recommended around 200psi.  We overcharge the shocks to around 300psi and let them set for a minimum 12hrs to verify there are no leaks on the shocks. Once the overcharge process is complete, the nitrogen level is brought down to manufacture recommended spec and the shocks are ready to be returned to the customer.

A final inspection is completed on the shocks and pictures of the process (yes you'll get to see your shocks as received, completely disassembled, and reassembled) as well as inspection sheets for each shock are sent to the customer.

Are you ready to have your shocks performing like new again or better than new?  Click the button below to get an estimate and schedule your shock rebuild service!

Shock Upgrades

Want a more hands on approach to dialing in your vehicles comfort level?  Consider upgrading your current setup with external compression adjustability's.  This is available on select shocks and allows you to soften the ride when driving around town or on the highway, and stiffen the ride when adding weight to the bed of the vehicle or towing loads preventing shock bottom out. 

If you're looking for this feature and it is unable to be added to your current setup, talk to us about upgrading your shocks to a setup that provides this option to you.

If you don't currently have them, consider adding shock shaft boots or shaft guards to your shocks.  This better protects the shock shafts from nicks, scratches, and dings as well as keeps the shafts free of debris that could damage the external shaft seal causing leaks and possible internal component damage.

Some upgrades are required in a shock rebuild.  Those include Schrader Valves if a plug or needle valve is currently in use, and replacement of the stock plastic IFP (Internal Floating Piston) with an aluminum IFP that provides for better IFP positioning and a more optimal shock oil bleed process.

Ready to talk about upgrading your current setup, click the button below to request a consultation! 

Shock Tuning

Shock tuning is a process that customizes your shocks performance to your specific needs.  It involves changing the valving inside your shock with regards to how the shock performs its compression and rebound processes. 

If you've added weight to the vehicle above the frame, for example a bed rack, rooftop tent, full drawer system, beefier roll cage, heavier bumpers, skid plates etc... you might need to stiffen your compression shim stack valving. 
If you've added heavier wheels, tires, suspension components, axles, etc.., you might need to stiffen your rebound shim stack to compensate for the un-sprung weight added.

If you've lightened up the vehicle by removing components or swapping them out for lighter versions of those components either on top (above the frame,) or on bottom (below the frame), the compression and/or rebound shim stacks would need to be softened to compensate for the weight reduction to the shock system.

With vehicles used mainly or exclusively off-road, fine tuning your suspension according to the terrain you're out to concur might be what you're looking for.  Adjustment of compression valving optimizes settings preventing/softening bottom out.  Adjustment of rebound valving optimizes settings preventing bucking and softening stroke out.  This process takes corner weight, driver and passenger weight, and additional load weights into consideration. 

Shock tunings are only available through customer consultation and does not include shock rebuild cost or complete shock oil replacement (top off of lost oil during disassembly is included).  Doing shock tuning with a rebuild (if that is needed) is the most economical way to knock out two birds with one stone as we would already be tearing the shock down during the tuning process.  The addition of the rebuild to the tuning process would only carry a small additional fee per shock to cover new seals and new shock oil.

Think shock tuning is right for you?  Click the button below to contact us and setup a consultation where we'll discuss your tuning options.

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